Business Portrait / business headshot Photography



mini photo session $88

  • Single shot mini photo session

  • 1 high-resolution business portrait

Business Package A     $150

  • 1 retouched business portrait

  • 5 high-resolution photos

Business Package B     $200

  • 2 backgrounds

  • 2 retouched business portrait

  • 10 high-resolution photos

Business Package C     $300

  • 3 backgrounds

  • 3 retouched business portrait

  • 15-20 high-resolution photos

Business Package D     $500

  • 1 hour working photography or outdoor photography - introduce more about you & your work

  • 3 backgrounds

  • 5 retouched business portrait

  • 50-100 high-resolution photos

Company Team Business Portrait $999

  • up to 10 person's photo session

  • 1 retouched business portrait for each person

  • 1 team photo

  • 5 high-resolution photos for each person

  • $100 / extra person


Makeup Artist

- $100 professional makeup Artist & Hairstylist

highly recommended, we have one of the most experienced Makeup Artist in GTA Toronto area.


6 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Business Portrait

by Jeremy Cai

  1. First impression is the most important. There's a good chance your customers will see your business photo before they reach you in person, it's your first business card for many people who don't know you. You want your photo to represent the best of you.

  2. Social net work is the new Yellow Page. Now a days, when people are looking for a business or service, they ask Google, they look for google reviews, LinkedIn, Facebook, Yelp, etc. Everyone has a digital identity, what you need is a nice, clean & simple portrait to make people feel confident about you.

  3. You take your Career & Business serious. How are you different from all the other google search results. Why would your clients choose you. because you take your job serious, you work hard, you build your reputation. and the first clue people get is your business portrait. It's been taking care by a professional photographer, not some Walmart quick shot, not simple copy & paste. It's the best of you. It shows how you treat your job & your business.

  4. Helps your potential customers to find you faster. People like to study face before they make their decision. Clients come to your LinkedIn page, you company website, they will study your photo to see if they can trust you with their business. and a professional business portrait will help you build this connection.

  5. Your customers want to know more about you. Before your clients meet you in person, your business photos are the only image they see. Your photo tells your story, customers are listening. A clean background or your working environment with decent lighting on your face, it makes people attracted to you & your work.

  6. It's a part of your business investment. A good business portrait is like a clean suit, a nice office, it gives your customers a warm welcome with respect. You don't want to get a quick boring photo like everyone else, your cellphone can take better photo than that. A skilled professional can make you feel nature in front of the camera, coach you to get your nature shining expression out. As a result, your photo will make you feel more confident, you will like your business portrait to represent you.