it's all about sunflower

find a nice peaceful summer afternoon

time stops at this moment

please don’t grow too fast

let’s take this picture together here

Classic Rain jacket & Duck

last month, a client wanted me to re-creat the classic yellow rain jacket with ducks child portrait shot.

we usually shot it outside in the park near our studio. but it’s in the middle of deep winter. so the client asked me if we can do it in studio and photoshop the whole thing.

personally i’m not a big fan of photoshop the complete background. but hey, customer’s always right, right?

lol, the result cames out great. all the photo editing works out perfect.

Holiday Season Photo Session

with 2018 Xmas is around the corner. our Christmas photo session is becoming our daily routine now.

Starts $159!!! no hidden fee!!!

book your Christmas for your family now. and guess who’s gonna be Santa in your family!!!

i love my job

taking photos for all these cute babies and families~~~ my pleasure to keep this beautiful memory for you guys.

enjoy the upcoming holiday season!!!

Last Outdoor shooting this season? really?

i told everyone last month. outdoor photo shooting are done for the year. let’s wait for the spring 2019.

then…boom…fully booked for outdoor shooting till Nov.4th. today.

so…i don’t know if we’re done for the outdoor session. as long as you guys need. maybe some of you want to do snow day outdoor. LOL.

here’s today’s cute brothers~~~ let’s not waste the golden color season.

2018 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

I took more than 2000 photos for CRIT, to check all the photos, please go to our facebook page