it's all about sunflower

find a nice peaceful summer afternoon

time stops at this moment

please don’t grow too fast

let’s take this picture together here

Classic Rain jacket & Duck

last month, a client wanted me to re-creat the classic yellow rain jacket with ducks child portrait shot.

we usually shot it outside in the park near our studio. but it’s in the middle of deep winter. so the client asked me if we can do it in studio and photoshop the whole thing.

personally i’m not a big fan of photoshop the complete background. but hey, customer’s always right, right?

lol, the result cames out great. all the photo editing works out perfect.

i love my job

taking photos for all these cute babies and families~~~ my pleasure to keep this beautiful memory for you guys.

enjoy the upcoming holiday season!!!

A Basketball Team

One of my client complains that i pay way too much attention on Canada's Badminton about other Junior Sports in Canada...


so i did a basketball team photo session for these kids. To support the local team

40 Degree outside, summer's almost gone?

Sep.24th. Sunday. it's 40 degree outside and the original schedule today is to shoot fall color with maple leaf turning red......almost turns into a swim suit shooting day. LOL

another month passed & i love all my client and their lovely babies.

love my job :)