Classic Rain jacket & Duck

last month, a client wanted me to re-creat the classic yellow rain jacket with ducks child portrait shot.

we usually shot it outside in the park near our studio. but it’s in the middle of deep winter. so the client asked me if we can do it in studio and photoshop the whole thing.

personally i’m not a big fan of photoshop the complete background. but hey, customer’s always right, right?

lol, the result cames out great. all the photo editing works out perfect.

Beautiful Fall 2017

we're blessed this year 2017. can't believe i shoot a wedding outdoor at late October with 25 degree outside.

the only thing we're missing this year is the fall's golden color. some client missed the Maple Leaf background this year.

for me, between summer like weather & the fall color, i will choose the t-shirt weather :D :D :D

thanks for all the family's support. Enjoy working with you guys & enjoy your photos!!!


Enjoy Family Photo

Shot 6 families & 2 baby portrait session this week. lots of mid night photo editing. but all worth it after i saw their face when they get the photos.

keep working hard!!!